3265 - Item not found in this collection.

This error is generated when WhizBase tries to access database table or field that does not exist.
Possible causes:
- table does not exist - the WB_RcdSet contains mistyped table name. To solve this check the name(s) of the table(s) defined in WB_RcdSet.
- table name contains dash, underscore, space or other special character. To solve this enclose table name in square brackets.
- field does not exist in the recordset. Make sure you spelled the field name correctly.
- there is more than one field with this name in the recordset (e.g. using complex recordset generated from two tables having few fields with same name); to solve this problem use $WBF[tablename.fieldname] and WBF_tablename.fieldname instead of $WBF[fieldname] and WBF_fieldname.