Section [ErrorMessages]

This section contains a list of custom error messages in form:
ErrorNumber is standard number reported by WBSP engine. It can be either WhizBase error number or Jet  or any other error number. It is not recommended to put any Whizbase tags, functions, etc. in the  ErrorMessage, because it can produce unwanted results. If you need to place such content in  ErrorMessage, it is strongly recommended to test all possible situations before publishing the page to the real world. The exception to this is a reserved word $WBERRRED: followed by the URL of the web content where the WBSP engine will redirect visitor in the case of a specific error occurrence. This will work only if error occurs before WBSP sends HTTP header (e.g. if error  occurs before WBSP starts report rendering).
This is useful for translating the error messages from English or for using IMG HTML tag to display an image instead of error message, or to use <script></script> block to process certain errors.

Here is an example of ErrorMessages section:

5034=<script>alert("You MUST provide values for all form fields!");history.back();</script>
3030=<script>alert("Invalid login!");history.back();</script>
429=<img src="noActiveX.gif" border="0">