Subsection [Include]

This subsection contains a list of files (respecting the WBSP path rules) that WBSP engine will check for input variables if they are not found in original WBSP file. Include files are processed backwards – from end to top of the list. WBSP will stop searching as soon as it finds first occurrence of the variable it search for.
Include files will be processed only if WBSP engine does not find the variable in WBSP file, but before WBSP engine tries to read variable from HTML form input fields. WBSP engine will read include files backwards (starting from the last file in the include section).

Here is an example of Include section (marked blue):


<table border="1" cellspacing="0">
<td>Year published</td>
<td>$wbf[Year published]</td>

And include file looks like this:


Special case are include files named