Test mode

Test mode is feature added in version 2000. Its main purpose is to check if your WWW server has all files needed by WBSP properly installed.
To start WhizBase Server Pages test mode first create wbsp file named test.wbsp with following data:

wb_mailserver=your mailserver (e.g. mail.yourdomain.com)
wb_errmail=your email address (e.g. webmaster@yourdomain.com)

and upload it to your server (either local or Internet). Then open it using your browser by typing it's URL into browser's address bar (e.g. http://www.yourdomain.com/test.wbsp)

During the test WhizBase will create few databases and tables (and delete them afterwards) to test drivers. It will also execute a simple JavaScript code (server-side script) to test scripting host and send a simple test mail to email address specified in wb_errmail using mail server specified in wb_mailserver. It will also show WBSP.ssc settings for virtual host.

WARNING: To test the server installation and settings, WBSP creates following database tables: WhizBaseTest.mdb, WBDBIII.dbf, WBDBIV.dbf, WBDB5.dbf, WBPDX3.db, WBPDX4.db, WBPDX5.db, WBFOX20.dbf, WBFOX25.dbf, WBFOX26.dbf, WBFOX30.dbf, WBTEXT, schema.ini and WBODBC. If the files with these names exist, by any chance, in a directory where test.wbsp is located, they will be deleted.

You DO NOT need registration key to run this test on your WWW server!