Servers (virtual hosts) section

This section contains definition of aliases used to access single virtual host. Format of the definition is

If some virtual hosts do not have any aliases then they will be listed only by virtualhostname. The purpose of this section is to make WBSP engine use the same configuration section for a single virtual host regardless of an alias used to access it.  Aliases are needed only if virtual host has more than one domain pointing to the same web, but they can be used also for single domain sites.


The value marked with blue in example above is not required (because all aliases point to the same domain -, but it will not produce error of any kind.
The red colored values in example are used to define the server side configuration section for specific virtual host. As you can see, if virtual host has only one domain used to access it, then simply add that domain to the list, without specifying any aliases (as it is the case with domain in example above).