$WBCalc - calculate math expression

$WBCalc is available for use with all WBSP commands.


mathexp - any valid mathematical expression.
Valid operators are:
Operator Syntax Operation
+ a + b sum of two numbers
- a - b difference between two numbers
- - a negative value of a number
* a * b multiply two numbers
/ a / b a divided by b
\ a \ b integer part of a divided
% a % b the remainder of a division
mod a mod b the remainder of a division (same as %)

Valid mathematical functions are:
Operator Syntax Returns
sin sin(a) the sine of an angle
cos cos(a) the cosine of an angle
tan tan(a)  the tangent of an angle
exp exp(a) e (the base of natural logarithms) raised to a power
log log(a) the logarithm to the base 10 of a number
ln ln(a) the natural logarithm of a number
atn atn(a) the arctangent of a number
abs abs(a) the absolute value of a number
sgn sgn(a) the sign of a number
sqr sqr(a) the square root of a number

The result of a mathematical expression.

wb_changeHFon=[Year published]
wb_order=[Year published]
<strong>This is the list of titles for year $wbf[year published]</strong><br>
$wbf[title] - $wbf[isbn]<br>
Total books in $wbf[year published]: <strong>$wbgetv[countbooks]</strong><hr><br>

After running this example, total number of books will be displayed at the bottom of every year:

This is the list of titles for year 1998
Beginning Visual C++ 6 - 186100088X
Microsoft Internet Information Server 4: the Complete Reference - 0078824575

Total books in 1998: 2

This is the list of titles for year 1999
Beginning Java 2 - 1861002238
Apache Server for Windows Little Black Book: The Indispensable Guide to Day-to-Day Apache Server Tips and Techniques - 1576103919
Non-Designer's Scan and Print Book, The - 0201353946

Total books in 1999: 3

This is the list of titles for year 2000
Sams Teach Yourself Macromedia Dreamweaver 4 in 24 Hours - 0672320428
HTML 4 for the World Wide Web: Visual Quickstart Guide - 0201354934
InDesign 1.0/1.5 for Macintosh and Windows: Visual QuickStart Guide - 0201710366
Real World Adobe InDesign 1.5 - 0201354780
Sams Teach Yourself Macromedia Dreamweaver 3 in 24 Hours - 0672318830
www.color - 0823058573
Microsoft SMS Installer - 0072124474
www.type: Effective Typographic Design for the World Wide Web - 0823058603
Photoshop 6 Down and Dirty Tricks - 0967985307
Developer's Workshop to COM and ATL 3.0 - 1556227043

Total books in 2000: 10