$WBGETRSS - get RSS feed

$WBGETRSS is available for use with all WBSP commands.


URL - The Internet address of the RSS feed you want to include in your page. It can be either absolute (containing entire address including protocol, server, path and resource) or relative (to document root of virtual server if it starts with slash / character, or to the directory where the WBSP file is located).
ArrName - name that will be used as prefix for all variables where RSS feed content will be stored. 
limit - optional parameter. Contains the number of items to be included in arrays
show - optional parameter  - if set to true (T,ON,1) WhizBase will show the last index (length-1) of resulting array

Set of four (4) arrays:
ArrName_title() - containing values of all <title> nodes
ArrName_link() - containing values of all <link> nodes
ArrName_description() - containing values of all <description> nodes
ArrName_pubdate() - containing values of all <pubDate> nodes


<a href="$wbgetv[RssFeed_Link($wbgetv[loopcounter])]" target="_blank">$wbgetv[RssFeed_Title($wbgetv[loopcounter])]</a> $wbgetv[RssFeed_pubdate($wbgetv[loopcounter])]<br>

After running this example, the resulting page in browser may look like this:

18.12.2009 - Version 5.0.15 released 18.12.2009 20:30:00 CET
22.09.2009 - Version 5.0.14 released 22.09.2009 14:34:58 CET
15.07.2009 - Version 5.0.13 released 15.07.2009 12:16:44 CET
08.07.2009 - PowerPack Wizards version 1.0.3 released 08.07.2009 10:11:43 CET
07.07.2009 - Version 5.0.12 released 07.07.2009 14:50:00 CET