$WBRENDER - process WhizBase code

$WBRENDER is available for use with all WBSP commands:


anystring - any string containing WhizBase tag(s) and function(s).

The rendered value of anystring. This means that WhizBase will process any tag and/or function contained in anystring before it sends it to the client

<title>WBRENDER example</title>

If we assume that there is another table in the database that contains different WhizBase and HTML code for the body of the report for every user then getrep.sr subreport should return a WhizBase code for displaying the contents of the "titles" table in "biblioA.mdb" database. So, calling subreport alone will return unprocessed WhizBase code, but using $WBRF in subreport will produce the error (Item not found in this collection). So, subreport MUST NOT process the code, but return it to the main report. There we use $WBRENDER to instruct the WhizBase to process the code in main report. This is just one of many possible usages of $WBRENDER function.