$WBRecordBreak is available for use with following recordset related WBSP commands:
Send Personal Mail (if recordset is used)
Send Bulk Mail



This tag is not a placeholder and will not be replaced by anything (it will not be shown on the report either). Its purpose is to move recordset one record forward.

Important:When $WBRecordBreak is used, WBSP will display WB_maxrec * (Number of $WBRecordBreak tags +1)
For example - if WB_MaxRec=10 and there is only one $WBRecordBreak tag on the page, WBSP will display 20 records per page.< /p>

In the following example we used $WBRecordBreak to make different background color for odd and even records:

<table border="1" cellspacing="0">
<td>Year published</td>
<td>$wbf[Year published]</td>
<tr bgcolor="#c0c0c0">
<td>$wbf[Year published]</td>
After running this example, resulting page received by browser should look something like this:
Year published Title ISBN
2001 McGraw-Hill's Encyclopedia of Networking & Telecommunications 0072120053
2000 Microsoft SMS Installer 0072124474
2001 Windows 2000 Iis 5.0 : A Beginner's Guide 0072133724
1996 Windows Nt Security Handbook 0078822408
1998 Microsoft Internet Information Server 4: the Complete Reference 0078824575
1999 Non-Designer's Scan and Print Book, The 0201353946
2000 Real World Adobe InDesign 1.5 0201354780
2000 HTML 4 for the World Wide Web: Visual Quickstart Guide 0201354934
1997 Real World Freehand 7 0201688875
1996 Netscape 3 for Macintosh Visual Quickstart Guide 0201694085