WB_AddJoker - position of automatically added wildcards

WB_AddJoker=any valid WBSP constant

Syntax example

Valid inputs
This variable accepts following WBSP constants:

Default value

This variable defines how WhizBase engine will perform the search for values provided by WBF_ form fields. WhizBase engine uses SQL to retrieve data from the database, and SQL uses joker (wildcard) characters like * (% in ANSI SQL) or ? (_ in ANSI SQL) for "LIKE" comparison (WhizBase can do LIKE comparison for fields of TEXT and MEMO data type). By default WhizBase adds wildcards on both sides of data provided using WBF_ form fields. By using WB_AddJoker variable, this behavior can be changed.

WBF_Name value WB_AddJoker value WHERE clause
John B Name LIKE "*John*"
John E Name LIKE "John*"
John S Name LIKE "*John"
John N Name LIKE "John"