WB_AndOr - condition concatenation type

WB_AndOr=any valid WBSP constant

Syntax example

Valid inputs
AND - for returning the records that meet all conditions
OR - for returning the records that meet any of the conditions

Default value

This variable defines how WhizBase engine will perform the search for values provided by WBF_ form fields. When WhizBase generates a query for retrieving the records based upon WBF_ values for more than one field (receives wbf_ form fields for more than one database field) it can be set to combine the conditions (AND) or to return records that meet any single condition (OR).

WBF_Title WBF_Year published WB_AndOr WHERE clause Number of records
www 2000 OR Title LIKE "*www*" OR Year published=2000 11
www 2000 AND Title LIKE "*www*" AND Year published=2000 2