WB_Disallow - list of file types (extensions) that can not be uploaded

WB_Disallow=comma-separated list containing file extensions that are not allowed for upload

Syntax example

Valid inputs
1. comma-separated list of disallowed file extensions in form
2. comma-separated list of allowed file extensions in form

Default value

This variable defines file types (extensions) that can not be uploaded using current WBSP file. It can contain either list of the disallowed file types, or a list of allowed file types enclosed in square brackets with preceded with exclamation mark
If WB_Disallow value is Current WBSP file will
wbsp,asp,exe,bat,com allow upload of all files except:
![jpg,jpeg,gif,png] disallow upload of all files except:

Important: This variable cannot be sent using HTML form unless you specify value $form$ (WB_Disallow=$form$ ) in WBSP file. Setting this variable value to $form$ could be unwise and very risky decision.