WB_ExactCount - count all records in recordset

WB_ExactCount=boolean value

Syntax example

Valid inputs
T,TRUE,1,ON for True
F,FALSE,0,OFF for False

Default value

This is a True/False flag that determines if the WBSP engine will perform full page count. If the result of the query is a recordset with huge number of records, WBSP engine will count and display links for first N pages, and then as user moves forward it will provide links for more pages. This way WBSP engine works much faster. If you for some reason want WBSP engine to show exact number of pages for a recordset with a huge number of records, set this variable to TRUE. Default value is FALSE. This field has no effects if used with cross-table query (in that case WBSP engine will process all records regardless of WB_ExactCount value) and it also does not affect $WBP[RC] function.