WB_HTAccess - location of configuration file for authentication

WB_HTAccess=file name of the HTAccess file

Syntax example

Valid inputs
Any valid file name respecting WhizBase path rules

Default value

This variable is used to engage Authentication procedure using usernames/passwords contained in specified file. Authentication can be either WWW-Authentication Basic or based on server-side cookies. This variable must be set in all WBSP files that need to be protected, either in a file itself or in include file. To protect entire directory set WB_HTAccess value in default.inc file in that directory. To protect entire site set WB_HTAccess in default.inc located in wwwroot directory.
Some web servers will not support WBSP Basic authentication because they process WWW_Authenticate field sent by browser before it reaches WBSP engine. In that cases cookie authentication type should be used.

This variable cannot be set by HTML form.