WB_IPListFile - location of file containing list of (dis)allowed IP address ranges

WB_IPListFile=file name of the IPList file

Syntax example

Valid inputs
Any valid file name respecting WhizBase path rules

Default value

This variable is used to engage Authentication procedure using IP address of remote computer and list of IP ranges contained in specified file. IPList file is ordinary ASCII text file with single IP range per line.

Here is an example:


As you can see from example above, IPList file contains list of valid IP address ranges what means that WBSP will serve WBSP files only to users with IP address in specified range. If you want to block access for IP addresses in IP ranges specified in IPList file, then add exclamation mark preceding file name in WB_IPListFile like in following example:

WB_IPListFile=IPrange.aut (this will allow access only to users with IP address in range(s) specified in file IPrange.aut)
WB_IPListFile= !IPrange.aut (this will allow access to all users except those with IP address in range(s) specified in file IPrange.aut)
Please note that in both cases actual file name is the same IPrange.aut
This variable must be set in all WBSP files that need to be protected. It can be set either in a file itself or in include file. To protect entire directory set WB_IPListFile value in default.inc file in that directory. To protect entire site set WB_IPListFile in default.inc located in wwwroot directory.

This variable cannot be set by HTML form.