WB_LoginPage - file name of login page for cookie authentication

WB_LoginPage=file name of the WBSP file

Syntax example

Valid inputs
Any valid file name respecting WhizBase path rules

Default value

defines file that will be used for login with cookie authentication method. If this value is not specified WBSP will generate default login page. If specified file does not exist WBSP will generate an error.
Login page is ordinary HTML file containing form where user can enter two variables WB_HTUsr and WB_HTPass.
Form action should be set to $wbe[script_name], so user will be transferred to requested page once the login data are processed.

Here is an example:

<form method='post' action='$wbe[script_name]'>
User name:<input type='text' name='WB_HTUsr'>
Password:<input type='password' name='wb_htpass'>
<input type='submit' name='sButt' value='Login'>

This variable cannot be set by HTML form.