WB_Redirect - the URL for 301 or 302 redirect (HTTP header Location: clause)

WB_Redirect=any valid URL

Syntax example (HTTP temporary redirect - 302)

Syntax example (HTTP permanent redirect 301)

Syntax example (server-side redirect)

Valid inputs
Any text and/or numeric value including WhizBase tags and functions. This variable can contain WhizBase functions both in input and report syntax. Functions in input syntax will be processed when WhizBase reads the variable. Functions in report syntax will be processed after processing all variables and completing the current command.

Default value

This variable contains URL of the web content where the WBSP engine will redirect visitor after completing the requested operation. It can be used in two ways – it can be set to perform normal redirect (send to client HTTP header Location: clause) or it can be set to perform server-side redirect (redirecting to other WBSP file without contacting client – visitor's browser, for example). To perform server-side redirect this value must have the name of the WBSP file with prefix WBSP:, including colon character (:).
Whizbase performs temporary (302) redirect by default. For permanent redirect (301) please add prefix PERM: to the URL including colon character (:).