WB_Required - list of required request variables

WB_Required=comma separated list of required form field names

Syntax example
WB_Required= WBF_name,WBF_phone,WBF_email

Valid inputs
comma separated names of required form fields that exist in form that sends the data to the current WBSP page

Default value
none (no form fields are required)

This variable controls if the current WBSP page has received all required form fields with GET or POST request generated by HTML form that called the WBSP page. If any of the form fields defined in WB_Required list is empty (does not contain any data), or does not exist, the error will be generated,  even if that variable exists in WBSP page itself. The list can contain name of any existing form filed (not only WB_ and WBF_ fields) that is required by current WBSP page for any reason.