WB_UID - unique record identifier field(s)

WB_UID=database field name

Syntax example

Valid inputs
Any field name (or comma separated field list) from current recordset

Default value

This variable is used to define what database fields uniquely identify every single record. It is required for updating the records, but it can also be very useful for adding and deleting the records. It can have a single database field name or comma-separated list of fields.
When WB_UID is defined the value in fields that are used in WB_UID cannot be changed. WB_UID field have effect with commands (actions) (A)dd, (D)elete and (U)pdate.
When WB_UID is defined WhizBase will disallow adding records with duplicate values for WB_UID fields and will also disallow deleting more than one record at a time.