$WBDIR - list directory

$WBDIR is available for use with all WBSP commands.


path  - directory or folder, and drive if AbsolutePath is enabled. Default value is current script directory
file - file name or comma-separated list of file names, including multiple-character (*) and single-character (?) wildcards to specify multiple files. Default value is *.*
separator - the character(s) used to separate files. Default value is comma (,)
attributes - any combination of the following values H-hidden,S-system, D-directory, F-normal files. Default value is F
List of path content that matches file pattern and any of the attributes. Empty string if no files match the file name.


<title>Directory list</title>
Directory $wbcurrdir contents:<br>

After running this example, the resulting page in browser will list all the files and folders located in same directory as this WBSP file.