What is WhizBase?

WhizBase is the friendly middleman between your database where you keep your data and the web where you need it to be!

Sounds nice, but does it work?

Here's an example code:

    Your IP address is <b>$wbe[REMOTE_ADDR]</b>.<br>
    Today is $wbfn[weekdays], $wbfn[fdt(dd-mmm-yyyy)].

In WYSIWYG HTML editor it looks like this:

Hello! Your IP address is $wbe[REMOTE_ADDR].
Today is $wbfn[weekdays], $wbfn[fdt(dd-mmm-yyyy)].

And this is what output of this script may be:

Hello! Your IP address is
Today is Monday, 14-Apr-2008.

Even from this short example, you can see how it is different from a script written in programming languages like Perl, JavaScript or C or from a code written using other hypertext preprocessors like PHP or ASP. There are no start and end tags, but very simple placeholders that will be replaced with proper content during page processing, without changing any other part of the page, including text-formatting applied to placeholder.

Since all WBSP code is processed on the server, the visitors receive only the results of the script and have no idea what code was used to generate the page. If you configure WBSP on your server to process files with extension HTM, there is no way your visitors can know what's powering your site.

The great thing about the WBSP is that it can be used to produce really impressive results with only few WBSP instructions included in HTML, and still it can also be used to build a really complex web-based applications. We strongly believe that anyone can produce useful results in less than 30 minutes.