WhizBase version 6 adds support for comments. To avoid mistakes and removing parts of programming code written in other programming techniques and/or languages WhizBase uses hash and asterisk characters for opening and asterisk and hash characters for closing of the comments:

#* This text will not be processed by WhizBase,
nor it will be sent to the browser.

Multiline comments are supported in the body of the reports and subreports (below <!--WB_BeginTemplate-->), and in included files ($WBINC and $WBRINC ).
If you want to comment the variables in the configuration section(s) use the single hash (without asterisk) at the beginning of the row containing the variable:

the line above will be completely ignored by WhizBase

or use #* and *# in the single row:

WB_Query=ID>1 #* and Year < 2001 *# and ID<100
the line above will be processed to:
WB_Query=ID>1  and ID<100

Beside documenting purposes comments can help you in debugging your WhizBase code - simply comment the part you suspect that generates the error and test the page again.