Q (WB_Command) - Query

This command is used when you need to access the database recordset for reading the records. When executed, it opens the recordset (variables WB_BaseName and WB_RcdSet must be defined when you use this command), processes all WhizBase tags and functions that exist in the page, repeating the detail section as many times as there is records in the page (this is defined by the value of the WB_MaxRec variable). When it builds the recordset, this command will use WB_Query variable together with WBF_recordsetfieldname form fields to generate SQL WHERE clause. To learn more about variables used for generating recordset, please read the "Recordset" page.  

Important: If your WBSP page displays only one record, and you are positive that there is more records in recordset, and that you have placed <!--WB_BeginDetail--> and <!--WB_EndDetail--> properly, then it very possible that you have forgot to set WB_Command to Q and that your WBSP page executes RENDER command.