WB_BaseName - name of the database used

WB_BaseName=name of the MDB file or directory where ISAM databases are located

Syntax example

Valid inputs
Any valid file or directory name (depending on what database type is used)

Default value

This variable contains the file name of the file to be used (for MS Access databases and MS Excel files) or in case of using ISAM database the name of the directory containing the data.
In some cases (depending upon WB_Command, WB_Connect and WB_DBObject) this variable is required.

WB_Connect WB_BaseName WB_RcdSet
  /database/biblio.mdb titles
dBASE III; /database/ titles.dbf
Text; /database/ titles.txt
Excel 8.0; /database/biblio.xls titles

Important: If ISAM database tables are located in the same directory as WBSP file that uses the database, then use WB_BaseName =. or WB_BaseName=./