WB_Command - the action to be performed by WhizBase


Syntax example
WB_Command= Q

Valid inputs
R Render   Database administration
Q Query   (available with MS Access databases only)
A Add   AU Add DB user or group
D Delete   DU Delete DB user or group
U & MU Update & Multi update   AG Add DB user to group
T Test   DG Delete DB user from group
SF Send file   SP Set DB permissions
P Personalized email   RP Read DB permissions
L Mail to list of recipients   CD Compact database
DF Delete file   CP Change DB password
WF Write to file      

Default value

This variable defines which WhizBase command (operation) will be executed by current WBSP page. This variable is one of the most important configuration elements in WhizBase so we will explain every value separately )please follow the links in the tables above.