WB_Execute - execute SQL statement(s)

WB_Execute=SQL action query

Syntax example
WB_Execute=update titles set [Year Published]=2000 where ([Year published]=2010)

Valid inputs
Any valid SQL statement supported by current database. To use more than one SQL statement separate them with semicolon followed by the new line characters (e.g. ;$wbfn{chr(13)}$wbfn{chr(10)}) or place them in include file one statement par line ending with semicolon and call it using $wbrinc function.

Default value

This variable contains SQL statement that will be executed before main action defined in WB_Command variable. When it is set in subreport WBSP file, this variable can contain the $WBF function in report format. In this case $WBF function will refer to superior recordset (the one defined in file containing the sub report).