WB_Order - SQL clause "ORDER BY"

WB_Order=database field name

Syntax example
WB_Order=[Year published] DESC, Publishers.Name

Valid inputs
Any database field name or list of names

Default value

This variable contains the the name of database field (or comma separated list of fields) by which the records will be sorted. Field names that have a space in name must be enclosed in square brackets. To sort the records is descending order add word DESC after the name of field that should be sorted in descending order.
If WB_Order variable is not set and WB_ChangeHFOn variable is defined, WB_Order variable will get exactly the same value as WB_ChangeHFOn. If both variables are defined, then WB_Order must start with same fields as defined in WB_ChangeHFOn but it can have more fields in the list.