WB_SysVarByForm - allow system variables (wb_) set as request variables (by form)

WB_SysVarByForm=boolean value

Syntax example
WB_SysVarByForm= F

Valid inputs
T,TRUE,1,ON for True
F,FALSE,0,OFF for False

Default value

This variable controls if the current WBSP page will accept WhizBase variables (with name starting with WB_) sent by client using HTML form. If this variable is set to FALSE WhizBase will not accept any form field with name starting with WB_. If you want to disable WB_ form fileds for most of the system variables, but not all, add variables for which you want to enable form fields to proper section of default.inc file in document root directory and set their value to $form$.

The WB_SysVarByForm variable itself can not be set by HTML form.