WB_TempName - report template file name

WB_TempName=file name of the report template

Syntax example
WB_TempName= bibliotable.htm

Valid inputs
Any valid file name respecting WhizBase path rules and special values $default$, $self$ and $form$

Default value
none (WBSP page itself, all code below <!--WB_BeginTemplate--> comment will be used as report template)

This variable contains the file name of the file to be used by WhizBase as template for generating output (report). This variable is mostly used with SF command because in most other cases WBSP file (page) itself contains the template located below <!--WB_BeginTemplate--> comment. However, it is very useful when Content-type of the output is not text/html or text/plain, or when single configuration section is used for various outputs. If special values are used their functions are:

$default$ WhizBase will generate the default report page with all fields from recordset included in it, just as if you used $wbdetail function. For recordsets having more than 5 fields it will return columnar report, and for others the returned report will be in tabular format.
$form$ Use this value if you, for any reason, want to allow your visitor to choose report template file (using POST or GET method and form fields) when accepting system variables from HTML form is disabled (WB_SysVarsByForm=False).
$self$ Use this value to force WBSP page to use itself as report template, and to avoid accepting the value for this variable from HTML form field, even when accepting system variables from HTML form is not disabled (WB_SysVarsByForm=True).