Configuration section

This section should be placed on top of the WBSP file and separated from rest of the file with <!--WB_BeginTemplate--> comment. This way WBSP engine will not send anything from this section to the client (e.g. visitor's browser), and all variables and file paths will stay hidden from visitor. Configuration section contains definitions for WBSP variables needed for a specific task. It can have one to seven subsections, depending on purpose of the WBSP page – Include, FormFields, UploadMsgAndLblReferrer check, ErrorMessages and UserData . To learn more about these sections please read the explanations for each section in chapter "Configuration section subsections".

Here's an example (configuration section is marked blue)

<table border="1" cellspacing="0">
<td>Year published</td>
<td>$wbf[Year published]</td>