WhizBase on-line wizard

Use this basic on-line wizard to get the idea how easy and simple it is to publish the database on the web using WhizBase.
This wizard will upload your database to our server (for this wizard we limited it to MS Access (*.mdb, *.accdb) and MS Excel (*.xls, *.xlsx) databases - max.size 600KB), let you choose table/query and setup few CSS styles, and generate the WhizBase report (WBSP file).
With these two simple steps you will be able to see your database published on web.

Please do not use databases with attched tables, because it will not work with this wizard!

Select file (*.mdb, *.xls, *.xlsx or *.accdb - max. 600KB):

If you do not have a database you could upload, please download this sample Excel workbook (biblio.xlsx) or sample MS Access database in MDB or ACCDB format.

WhizBase® on-line wizard uses just a tiny fraction of WhizBase features (e.g. - only 7 reserved words out of more than 200) and allows configuring few basic options.

Whizbase lite