Publishing data from Excel sheets online Publishing data from Excel sheets online

Based on our experience, there are more people working with Excel than those working with Access. However, lots of them have no idea that they can use their Excel sheets as databases, and especially have no idea that those databases can go online. The truth is that you cannot publish just any kind of sheet, it has to follow specific rules (mostly about structure), but still it is something that any Excel user can prepare.

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Password protected web content Password protected web content

How do you use access control with WhizBase? We get this question very often lately, so I'll try to explain basics here and to provide some sample code that you can modify and use for your own needs.

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Detecting mobile devices Detecting mobile devices

In today’s world, serving different content to desktop and mobile clients became de facto standard, at least for newly developed web sites....

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Facebook feed example Facebook feed example

Here's a very short (and simple) example how to include news feed from your Facebook profile to your WhizBase-powered web page.......

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You just created your client’s website, now he wants a database. What do you do? You just created your client’s website, now he wants a database. What do you do?

Well, if you are a hardcore programmer/web developer, there's a plenty of choices. You can use ASP, PHP, ASP.NET, Ruby on Rails, Python, Perl, Java, etc....

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Creating a small address book application in WhizBase Creating a small address book application in WhizBase

In this tutorial I will aim to show you how simple is making a small application in WhizBase, how to add, remove and update data in the DB. I will make a small address book appl...

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Other stories

Make a Password Strength Meter in WhizBase
Today the Internet is everywhere, we use it in everything, it is the buzz word of our time. When it first began it was just an experiment, a network for exchanging some data between universities, no one used it for exchanging private data.
Uploading files to your webpage
Have you ever wanted to upload your files to your hosting, or have you ever want to make a simple images gallery and let the visitors upload their pictures.
Make a database driven website in 3 steps
Today every company had to have a website, it is something like having a telephone number or a company address. A lot of companies do not have yet a budget for making a website, they think it is very expensive, and they are right. If you use a web developer in Europe you will need a couple of thousands of Euros to make a simple website to present your company.
Simple form validation with WBSP
Have you ever looked to the DB of your registered users, if you do you will find a lot of garbage data. Emails that does not exist, unreal names and comments with spam or empty fields.

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